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What is Direct Trade? And why do we do it?

By Will Vunderink on May 09, 2018

In the coffee world, success is a question of managing countless variables. So the philosophy behind our Direct Trade program is simple: if we can minimize the negative impact of coffee's C-market price for our farmers, then they can focus on the variables within their control to ensure the long-term success of their farms.

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Production Roaster Lara Prahm is one of Coffee Review's Top "Women In Coffee"

By Will Vunderink on Apr 10, 2018

Lara's high score is especially impressive because it is notoriously difficult to coax delicate, sweet flavors and pleasant acidity out of Sumatran coffees, which rarely have bright, fruity, floral notes.

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Which PT's Espresso Is Right For You?

By Will Vunderink on Apr 02, 2018

While any coffee can be used to make espresso, all roasters fine-tune certain blends for prime flavor extraction via espresso machine. We've designed our two espresso blends to have different flavor profiles and to work in different settings.

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T W E N T Y - F I V E

By Will Vunderink on Feb 03, 2018

PT's was born on February 3rd, 1993. That makes us 132 years younger than the state of Kansas, 11 years younger than the Specialty Coffee Association of America...

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We're Almost 25!

By Will Vunderink on Jan 30, 2018

PT’s Coffee Roasting Co. turns 25 on February 3rd! We’re proud to be reaching this milestone with so many exciting recent developments to share.

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We're Going to the US Barista Championship!

By Will Vunderink on Dec 14, 2017

We're thrilled to announce that Edward Griffin placed sixth in the US Coffee Championship Barista Qualifying Competition!

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Introducing PT's Blue Label

By Will Vunderink on Dec 04, 2017

Enjoy rare and distinct coffee offerings, roasted with care and beautifully encased in our Blue Label packaging. Each box contains eight ounces of whole-bean coffee in a giftable tube package.

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Welcome to the new PT's Coffee!

By Will Vunderink on Nov 22, 2017

A fresh look for the PT's you know and love. Our brand has a whole new look, and we've redesigned our website and coffee packaging. In case you missed it, we recently opened a new cafe in Lawrence, too! 

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Celebrate National Coffee Day with us!

By Will Vunderink on Sep 29, 2017

You love coffee. We love coffee. Celebrate National Coffee Day with us!

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