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We're #5 and #12 on Coffee Review's Top 30 Coffees of 2018!

By Will Vunderink on Nov 28, 2018

Coffee review released its full list of the Top 30 Coffees of 2018 this week, and we're featured at #5 and #12! And that's not all: our sister company, Bird Rock Coffee Roasters, nabbed the #8 and #17 spots.

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KC Caffeine Crawl @ PT's at the Crossroads, Nov. 2018

By Will Vunderink on Nov 13, 2018

We had a great time hosting the Kansas City Caffeine Crawl at our Crossroads Arts District cafe on Nov. 8th, 9th, and 11th. Crawlers sampled a cascara-fermented lot from Finca Kilimanjaro alongside cold-brewed cascara tisane and food pairings complementing the coffee's flavor profile.

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Spotlight on Ethiopia

By Will Vunderink on Nov 05, 2018

Ethiopia is the homeland of Coffea arabica, so it's no wonder that to this day Ethiopian heirloom single-origins create some of the most distinctive flavor profiles you'll find in a cup of coffee. Countless heirloom varieties thrive in the East African nation, where high altitude and varying micro-climates provide ideal growing conditions for coffee.

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The globe-trotting history of two coffee varieties for International Coffee Day

By Will Vunderink on Sep 29, 2018

It's easy to forget how far coffee travels to reach your cup, but it is a truly international beverage: many blends include coffee from two or three continents. And consumers are often unaware of the centuries-long journeys that coffee varieties undertook to reach their current growing regions.

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The Golden Bean results are in!

By Will Vunderink on Sep 25, 2018

The 2018 Golden Bean North America Coffee Roasters Competition just wrapped up in Portland. We made five submissions and received five medals!

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Introducing the Pumpkin Rosemary Latte

By Will Vunderink on Sep 21, 2018

Fall has arrived, and our cafes are celebrating with a new Pumpkin Rosemary Latte—no bottled syrup to be found.

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A brief guide to our color-coding system

By Will Vunderink on Aug 08, 2018

The label system that Carpenter Collective designed for us designates a color for each type of coffee we offer. We're making this evident every step of the way, so it's simpler for you to browse our website or the shelves at our cafes. 

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What is Cascara, and what should you do with it?

By Will Vunderink on Jul 20, 2018

Daunting at first glance, Cascara's unique, subtly sweet flavor profile is ideal for a variety of coffee-adjacent uses. Plus, producing Cascara is a great way for coffee farmers to make the most of their coffee harvest.

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Revamp your cold brew routine with these four concoctions

By Will Vunderink on Jul 18, 2018

We'll never get tired of drinking Cold Front black, but summer is long—sometimes you need to switch up your routine up to keep things exciting. So on a hot day at our roasting facility we tinkered with some recipes to take cold brew in new, perhaps unexpected directions. And they were delicious...

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