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Finca Las Terrazas Washed

Chocolate, Golden Raisin, Lemon Curd
19.50 - 97.50

Campo Bello / Tabi Washed / Long Fermentation

Pineapple, Honeysuckle, Raisin
19.50 - 97.50

Planadas Sugarcane EA Decaf

Cocoa Powder, Cherry, Mulling Spices
17.50 - 87.50

Flying Monkey

Chocolate, Honey, Graham Cracker
16.00 - 80.00
Signature Blend

Ad Astra

Dark Chocolate, Cola, Brown Sugar
17.50 - 87.50
Signature Blend

John Brown

Baker's Chocolate, Black Cherry, Sweet Pipe Tobacco
16.50 - 82.50

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An award-winning retail and wholesale coffee roaster with Kansas roots, PT's was a pioneer of the Direct Trade model and has been at the forefront of specialty coffee for years. 

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