Wholesale Partnerships

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Become a PT's Wholesale Partner

Our approach to wholesale partnerships is a reflection of our approach to coffee. We have two things in mind: quality coffee and relationships.

We provide our wholesale partners with the best coffee we can find and offer real advice to help nurture their business strategies. We develop close relationships with our wholesale customers with one common goal: making your business venture a success. We promise to tell you the truth even when it is tough and support you every step of the way.

Whether you are an owner of a well-established cafe or a new business start-up, we have the experience to help you. Our wholesale team is highly trained and experienced in the industry, with the resources required to make your business plan a success.

Let us help you develop a plan with the right equipment, training and advice to put you on a path to success. Feel free to submit an inquiry using the form below. We are here to help.

PT's Professional Training Program

A keen business sense is of the utmost importance to the success of your cafe, but in-depth knowledge of your product and top-notch preparation skills are what will differentiate you from your competitors. Having a staff that is consistently able to deliver an excellent product and communicate to customers why they love what they love will inspire a whole new level of loyalty and establish you as their go-to coffee professionals.

Our professional trainers have judged, coached, and competed in all levels of barista competitions, operated cafes, and possess the knowledge and technical skills that you need to succeed. We take great care to ensure that you come away from our training with these skills. We recognize that everyone learns differently, so we adapt our training methods to ensure that each client comes out enriched, improved, and full of confidence in their understanding of coffee.

From the novice to the highest-level professional barista, we can help you move forward in your coffee journey. Every course is customized to your needs and time frames.

Contact us for more information or to begin setting up your training plan.

Training topics include, but are not limited to: 

- Highlights of the Roasting Process 
- Coffee Processing
- Coffee Sourcing Basics
- Espresso Preparation
- Latte Art
- Manual Brewing Techniques
- Cupping
- Drink Development
- Menu Structure and Cost of Goods
- USBC / WBC Competition Preparation 

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