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Per Aspera

Benefit Blend
Caramel, Plum, Cocoa Nib

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This medium-roast blend of three coffees from Indonesia, Ethiopia, and Guatemala is a rich brew with a note of caramel, plum-like acidity, and a cocoa nib finish.

The Story

Taking its name from Kansas' state motto—Ad Astra Per Aspera, or "to the stars through difficulties"—our Benefit Blend will evolve seasonally, with 100% of net profits going to organizations dedicated to fostering positive social change. We will often focus on Kansas-based causes, but will also take into account organizations that address inequities along the global specialty coffee supply chain.

Our inaugural cause

Through July 31st we are raising money for the Topeka Youth Project. TYP provides underserved and at-risk youth in Topeka with employment and leadership training, education on the workings of the legal system via a Youth Court, help with financial literacy, and other life skills training in an effort to prevent high-risk behaviors among young adults while preparing them for employment and adulthood.

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Is there an organization making positive change in your community that you would like to nominate for a future fundraising period? Feel free to email your suggestion to us at info@ptscoffee.com.

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