Per Aspera

Benefit Blend
Cherry, Pecan, Orange Zest

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Final roast Monday, 5/16.

This light-medium roast blend of coffees from Africa and Central America features pomegranate and toffee aromas, with notes of blackberry and pecan when sipped. A rich body and cherry sweetness are balanced by pleasant orange zest acidity, with a touch of semi-sweet chocolate in the finish. 

The Story

Taking its name from Kansas' state motto—Ad Astra Per Aspera, or "to the stars through difficulties"—our Benefit Blend evolves seasonally, with 100% of net profits going to organizations dedicated to fostering positive social change. We focus on Kansas-based causes, but also take into consideration organizations that address inequities along the global specialty coffee supply chain.

Our current cause: Kansas Children's Discovery Center

Topeka's Kansas Children's Discovery Center is a non-profit children's museum with a mission to provide every child with rich and diverse museum experiences. One in six visitors to the Discovery Center receives a free or discounted admission to be able to play. Gifts and donations to the Discovery Center support many special programs, including:

• Play Free: a play-based education and exploration program for children with an incarcerated mother.

• Museums for All: discounted admission for any Kansas family that qualifies for state food assistance.

• Medical Warriors: a free program for medically fragile children that provides crowd-free private playtime with family.

Donations also go to facility upkeep, special events, and field trips.

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Is there an organization making positive change in your community that you would like to nominate for a future fundraising period? Feel free to email your suggestion to us at

Summer 2021: Grounds for Health

Since 1996, Grounds for Health has worked in Latin America and Africa to address one of the most significant disparities in women’s health globally. Cervical cancer is a nearly 100% treatable disease, and yet in the next 15 years it could kill almost 4.5 million women – 85% of whom will live in developing countries. Cervical cancer is one of the easiest cancers to detect, treat, and cure when caught early. If every woman were screened just once in her lifetime, global cervical cancer rates would drop by 30%; screened twice, rates drop by 60%.

Grounds for Health specializes in working in communities that represent the base of global supply chains such as coffee, tea, cut flowers and cocoa.

Spring 2021: Silverbackks

Silverbackks is a Topeka-based grassroots volunteer organization that formed in July 2011. Co-founder Jude Quinn began by passing out cold bottles of water to people on the streets on a very hot Sunday. From that simple act, SilverSunday was created. SilverSunday grew from bottled water, to coffee and cookies, to sack lunches, to hot meals every Sunday for anyone who needs one, among other programs.

"Each year, and through the dedication and generosity of our troop, we are able to expand our program offerings and impact on our community. Through collaboration and partnerships with other local agencies, we bridge gaps and give our fellow neighbor a hand up."

Learn more from KSNT: Volunteer-run Silverbackks helping less fortunate in the community

Summer 2020: Topeka Youth Project

Topeka Youth Project provides underserved and at-risk youth in Topeka with employment and leadership training, education on the workings of the legal system via a Youth Court, help with financial literacy, and other life skills training in an effort to prevent high-risk behaviors among young adults while preparing them for employment and adulthood.


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