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Terra Alta / Pulped Natural

Vanilla, Milk Chocolate, Peach

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This light roast features roasted hazelnut and vanilla aromas. When sipped, it has a note of candied pecan with milk chocolate sweetness. Its body is smooth with peach acidity, and the finish is pleasantly reminiscent of powdered cocoa.


Producer: Paulo and Juliana Piancastelli 
Farm: Fazenda Terra Alta 
Region: Ibiá, Minais Gerais 
Altitude: 3,150-3,350 feet | 960-1,021 masl
Varietal: IAC 125 RN and Catuai 62 
Process: Pulped Natural 
Roast: Light 
Notes: Vanilla, Milk Chocolate, Peach

The Story

Introducing our newest Direct Trade partners in Brazil! Fazenda Terra Alta was born in 2010 when Paulo and Juliana Piancastelli left their corporate lives behind and searched for greener pastures. They started planting in 2011 and have produced high-scoring and award-winning coffees since their first harvest in 2013.

This pulped natural processed lot is made up of two varietals. Catuai 62 is a sub-cultivar of Yellow Catuai—a hybrid of Caturra and Mundo Novo. Yellow Catuai is a shorter shrub that is highly productive. Its cherries mature slowly, producing a sweet, small-sized bean.

IAC 125 RN is a relatively new cultivar released by the Agronomy Institute of Campinas. Its size is small with large cherries, creating a considerable amount of mucilage. This is beneficial to the natural and pulped natural process.

This lot was carefully fermented and slowly sun-dried on raised beds, giving it a smooth body and brighter acidity than is typically found in pulped natural Brazil coffees.

Direct Trade

In the few years they have been in the specialty coffee industry, Terra Alta has put together an expert production team, planted high-quality coffee varietals, and implemented innovative processing methods.

Paulo and Juliana have built an independent importing/exporting structure that supports the Direct Trade model fully. They work with roasters during the harvest to seek out micro-lots as well as collaboration on processing methods. They are also in complete control of the coffee during shipment as they own an importation warehouse in the United States.

When Paulo and Juliana visited us, we were impressed by their talent and values. We hope to work with them for years to come!

Terra Alta’s Mission:

“To pioneer new approaches to high quality green coffee production, to positively impact the environment and the community, to boldly go where no grower has gone before.”

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