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Marsellesa and Starmaya: "a potential sea change" for the coffee industry

By Will Vunderink on Aug 16, 2019

Two of our most recent single-origin offerings are not only new to our lineup, but new to the coffee industry as a whole: Marsellesa and Starmaya were only recently made available to commercial coffee growers.

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The story behind our "Half-Caff" blend

By Will Vunderink on Apr 08, 2019

We were faced with the opportunity to create something we hadn't seen before: an organic half-caff blend made up of two versions of the same coffee. We couldn't resist.

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Coffee Seasonality: An Introduction

By Will Vunderink on Feb 27, 2019

Coffee is a crop like any other, with a cycle of maturation and harvest that dictates its availability throughout the year. Luckily, there's always a fresh crop to be had, since harvest times differ around the world. But if you've ever wondered why single-origin coffees come and go so frequently, this blog post is for you!

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Spotlight on Ethiopia

By Will Vunderink on Nov 05, 2018

Ethiopia is the homeland of Coffea arabica, so it's no wonder that to this day Ethiopian heirloom single-origins create some of the most distinctive flavor profiles you'll find in a cup of coffee. Countless heirloom varieties thrive in the East African nation, where high altitude and varying micro-climates provide ideal growing conditions for coffee.

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The globe-trotting history of two coffee varieties for International Coffee Day

By Will Vunderink on Sep 29, 2018

It's easy to forget how far coffee travels to reach your cup, but it is a truly international beverage: many blends include coffee from two or three continents. And consumers are often unaware of the centuries-long journeys that coffee varieties undertook to reach their current growing regions.

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What is Cascara, and what should you do with it?

By Will Vunderink on Jul 20, 2018

Daunting at first glance, Cascara's unique, subtly sweet flavor profile is ideal for a variety of coffee-adjacent uses. Plus, producing Cascara is a great way for coffee farmers to make the most of their coffee harvest.

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What you need to know about Indonesian "wet-hulled" coffee

By Will Vunderink on Jun 28, 2018

Earth. Tobacco. Herbs. Cedar. Funk. Love it or hate it, "wet-hulled" coffee's unique flavor profile is immediately recognizable in your cup. But what makes it taste that way? Many coffee drinkers are oblivious to the process that creates these flavors, for a few reasons:

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Experimental Coffee Processing Methods, Explained

By Will Vunderink on Jun 01, 2018

Unless you're new to specialty coffee, you're probably somewhat familiar with common processing terms like "washed," "honey processed," and "natural." But beyond these basic processing methods lies a world of possibility for the coffee producer.

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What is Direct Trade? And why do we do it?

By Will Vunderink on May 09, 2018

In the coffee world, success is a question of managing countless variables. So the philosophy behind our Direct Trade program is simple: if we can minimize the negative impact of coffee's C-market price for our farmers, then they can focus on the variables within their control to ensure the long-term success of their farms.

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