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Which PT's Espresso Is Right For You?

By Will Vunderink on Apr 02, 2018

While any coffee can be used to make espresso, all roasters fine-tune certain blends for prime flavor extraction via espresso machine. We've designed our two espresso blends to have different flavor profiles and to work in different settings.

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Coffee Processing: An Introduction

By Autumn Eaken on Sep 25, 2017

Coffee farming is tough work, but growing coffee from seed to harvest is only part of the job. The next step is just as important: processing.

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Central America Sourcing Trip: Part 2

By Will Vunderink on Aug 08, 2017

98 buckets were delivered to the mill, a sign the cherries are at prime ripeness and sweetness.

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Central America Sourcing Trip: Part 1

By Will Vunderink on May 26, 2017

Central America is an important region for most coffee buyers, and especially for Bird Rock and PT’s. Both companies have spent the better part of the last 10 years searching for great coffee in this region.

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Happy Coffee Day!

By Autumn Eaken on Sep 29, 2016

Take a moment with me to contemplate the incredible amount of work it took to get from rich soil in a country thousands of miles away to the ceramic vessel you have before you. This is the story of Mama Cata.

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Trip Report: Bolivia dos Caras

By Autumn Eaken on Apr 26, 2016

As we left the tropics of Coroico to travel up the Old Yungas Road to La Paz, the weather changed dramatically with every passing mile. I could see why the old “El Camino de la Muerta” was such an attraction to bicycling tourists.

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