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Granja La Esperanza / Sudan Rume Natural

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Redcurrant, Tamarind, Macadamia

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Aromas of raspberry jam, cherry, and cardamom introduce a complex and layered cup. The body turns from juicy to creamy as flavors of redcurrant, tamarind, and macadamia resolve into a chocolate-covered almond finish with a light cooling sensation reminiscent of spearmint. Tangerine sweetness and lemony acidity complement a nutmeg undertone throughout for a well-rounded and captivating coffee.

Coffee Review's #3 Coffee of the year! 95 Points, April 2019: "A shape-shifter of a coffee: brilliant, original, absorbing."

This coffee is available whole bean in 8-ounce Blue Label tube packaging, and will roast and ship on Tuesdays only.


Producer: Rigoberto Herrera
Farm: Café Granja La Esperanza
Region: Valle del Cauca, Colombia
Altitude: 5840 feet
Varietal: Sudan Rume
Process: Natural
Roast: Light
Notes: Redcurrant, Tamarind, Macadamia

The Story

Sudan Rume is an exceptionally rare coffee with a beautiful flavor profile. As its name suggests, the varietal was discovered in the country of Sudan near its border with Ethiopia. It's a naturally-occurring varietal from the Bourbon family, bursting with red fruit and floral flavors, but very low-yielding. Due to the tree’s low yield, Sudan Rume has mainly been used as a breeding varietal, creating hybrid trees that produce more fruit with some of its prized flavor characteristics.

Recently, farms in the specialty coffee world have begun to allot some of their farmland to Sudan Rume trees. As the harvest is incredibly small, this coffee is a classic case of quality over quantity. We are thrilled to be offering this limited crop again and hope you enjoy it too!

Key Production Notes from Granja La Esperanza:

All coffees are hand-picked at peak ripeness and pre-fermented in-cherry for 8 hours.

The parchment is sun-dried on African raised beds until it reaches a moisture content level of 11%, then stored in Grain Pro bags.

Every coffee lot is sampled and cupped by the Quality Control Lab at Granja La Esperanza before being sent to the dry mill.


This coffee will be produced once a week, on Tuesdays. All coffee and merchandise in your order will be produced and shipped on the same day unless you specify otherwise in the Order Notes section of your shopping cart. Please see our Shipping FAQs for more details.

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