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Your monthly coffee supply, curated by our roasting team.

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Welcome to our Roaster's Choice Single-Origin Subscription

Coffee is a seasonal product, so our single-origin offerings constantly change as fresh crops arrive. We offer this subscription box to keep you stocked with the best of our single-origin selection automatically!

On the first Tuesday of each month we'll send you two new single-origin offerings selected by our roasting team. Expect a wide variety of origins and processing methods throughout the year, mostly roasted light and light-medium.

Subscribers get early access to coffees that are not yet available in our store, as well as limited offerings that are exclusively available to subscribers. Each box arrives lovingly packaged with producer information, images, and brew notes for each coffee. Best of all, shipping is included in the price!

Choose between two formats:

• Two 12oz bags once a month: $38 per shipment

• Two 2lb bags once a month: $88 per shipment

This monthly subscription continues until you cancel. If you'd prefer to prepay for 3, 6, or 12 months and save 10%, browse your options here.

More Details

• When you place a subscription order, payment is processed immediately and your first subscription box will roast and ship on the first Tuesday of the following month. Subsequent orders are processed on the 27th of each month.

Shipping is included in the subscription price.

• Roaster's Choice subscriptions are offered Whole Bean only.

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