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Finca Las Mercedes / La Avila SL28

El Salvador
Nougat, Peach, Chamomile

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This silky, structured cup introduces itself with aromas of nougat, clove, and red apple. Savory chamomile and sandalwood accompany a peach note in the cup, with caramel sweetness and a roasted almond finish.


Producer: La Familia Ortiz Barriere
Farm: Finca Las Mercedes - La Avila
Region: Usulután Department, El Salvador
Altitude: 5,000-6,250 feet | 1,524-1,905 masl
Varietal: SL28
Process: Washed
Roast: Light
Notes: Nougat, Peach, Chamomile

The Story

Last year's harvest received 93 Points from Coffee Review!

From its origins in Kenya in the 1930s, SL28 spread through Africa and is commonly grown in Latin America today. A relative of Bourbon, it is known for its exceptional cup quality and high yield. This limited lot is Finca Las Mercedes' third harvest of SL28. 

Within hours of harvest, the cherries are brought to the on-farm mill and quickly depulped, leaving a small amount of sweet, honey-like mucilage on the outside of the beans. The coffee is left in a fermentation tank where enzymes help break down the remaining mucilage. After fermenting for 12-18 hours the coffee is sent through washing channels to completely clean it. The coffee is then dried on patios before being rested, packaged, and shipped to us.

Direct Trade

High in the mountains of Cerro El Tigre in southeastern El Salvador lies the Finca Las Mercedes family of farms. Finca Las Mercedes has been passed down through five generations of the Ortiz family. Through their 125-year history, they have obtained a reputation as one of the elite producers in El Salvador. We've partnered with them since 2006, when they won El Salvador Cup of Excellence. A lot from their La Avila farm won El Salvador's Coffee of the Year competition in 2012. 

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