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Hazel Hill Collaboration Chocolate Bars

Stunning single-origin coffee-infused chocolate bars from PT's and Hazel Hill Chocolate.

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Introducing two unique single-origin coffee-infused chocolate bars produced in collaboration with Topeka-based chocolatiers Hazel Hill!

- 70% Camino Verde Ecuador Cacao with La Esperanza Natural Colombia coffee.

- 72% Kokoa Kamili Tanzania Cacao with Mbozi Iyenga Tanzania coffee.

Rather than using whole beans or ground coffee in the bars, which creates a gritty texture, Hazel Hill steeped roasted cacao nibs in our cold brew concentrate before processing the nibs. This method produces an exceptionally smooth texture while highlighting the fruity, complex flavor of each coffee and its complementary single-origin cacao.

Lara, our assistant roaster, worked closely with Hazel Hill to bring this collaboration about, and dictated the flavor profile that she wanted out of both roasts so they would play well with each type of chocolate.

Hazel Hill's Story

"It took a long time and a lot of careful handiwork to create this fine chocolate. Take your time enjoying it—slow down, savor it, let the taste develop as it melts on your palate.

"Our handcrafted chocolate has a broad range of unique flavors. Each has a distinct flavor, a 'terroir,' or taste of place, that is developed from plant genetics, environment, and fermenting process. We added our own touch to the flavor during the roasting and refining process."

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