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Simple, adaptable, and portable, the AeroPress Coffee Maker comes equipped with all the tools you need to begin brewing, including 350 paper micro-filters.

There are several reasons why the AeroPress has become a cult favorite:

- Total immersion of the grounds in the water results in rapid yet robust extraction of flavor.
- Total immersion permits extraction at a moderate temperature, resulting in a smoother brew.
- Air pressure shortens filtering time to 20 seconds. This avoids the bitterness of long processes such as drip brewing.
- The air pressure also gently squeezes the last goodness from the grounds, further enriching the flavor.

- Because of the lower temperature and short brew time, the acid level of the brew is much lower than conventional brewers. Laboratory pH testing measured AeroPress brew's acid as less than one fifth that of regular drip brew. The low acid is confirmed by coffee lovers who report that AeroPress brew is friendlier to their stomachs.

Also available is the AeroPress Go Travel Press, which is designed for use while traveling, camping, or at work. AeroPress Go provides all the brewing capabilities of the original AeroPress plus a drinking mug that doubles as a carrying case.

- Smooth, rich coffee
- No bitterness
- 1/9th the acidity of French press coffee
- Hot coffee in about 1 minute

- Cold brew in about 2 minutes

Designed for use on the go: traveling, camping, or just at work.

[[AeroPress Brew Guide]]

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