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John Brown

Signature Blend
Baker's Chocolate, Black Cherry, Sweet Pipe Tobacco

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This cup features a deep chocolate aroma and velvety body complemented by juicy acidity. Dark chocolate is prominent in the cup, with a syrupy black cherry sweetness and a pleasant finish of pipe tobacco.


Our Surly Activist blend: John Brown is a polished coffee with a bold heart and rich character, spicy notes reminiscent of sweet pipe tobacco and dark chocolate with a bittersweet, soft finish. A medium roast and a dark roast combine to create this medium-dark roast blend, making it a unique member of our lineup.

The Story

In the mid-1800s, famed abolitionist John Brown took direct, and often dramatic, action to free slaves in the States. Arrested for treason and sentenced to death, Brown's dignified bearing in prison and at his trial moved many spectators. Ralph Waldo Emerson said that Brown's death would "make the gallows as glorious as the cross." Today he is depicted in a massive mural in Topeka's State Capitol.

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