Cold Front

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Blackberry, Grape, Caramel

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Cold Front is a medium roast blend that we developed especially for cold brew methods. It's a refreshing cup with gentle blackberry notes and purple grape sweetness. The smooth, creamy body rounds out into a lingering finish of caramel and chocolate.


We recommend two methods for brewing your Cold Front: Cold Brew and Iced Pour Over.

The Cold Brew method of making iced coffee has been gaining popularity over the years and offers an alternative for people who have sensitive stomachs. This method involves steeping coarsely ground coffee in cold, fresh water for up to 24 hours, producing a low-acid coffee concentrate when filtered. The generally accepted brewing time frame is between 12 and 24 hours. While it seems like a long time to wait, it produces a rich and dense coffee beverage, almost like a cold version of espresso. And it's versatile: drink it straight, add water to create the equivalent of an iced coffee, or add milk to create an iced latte. The liquid concentrate can be stored in the refrigerator for up to six weeks and can be diluted with water as needed.

Cold Brew

16oz coffee
64oz water
Steep for 12-18 hours
Strain and dilute to taste

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Brewing coffee directly over ice is a quick and easy alternative to the Cold Brew method. The Iced Pour Over technique produces a fresh, clean, and aromatic iced coffee. There are a few different methods and brewers for utilizing this technique. We recommend the Chemex as our personal favorite iced pour over brewer. Its classic shape of high quality glass is easy to clean and excels at pour overs both hot and iced.

Iced Pour Over

The goal of this method is to brew a stronger concentrated coffee that is diluted to the proper consistency as the ice melts, using equal parts water and ice. Quick and direct contact with ice also stops the brew process early by rapidly cooling the coffee, giving it a brighter flavor not found in the Cold Brew method.

Base Parameters:

52g coffee
355g hot water
355g ice

Scale up or down as needed for the volume of your chosen pour over method.

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