Haraaz Red / Mahal Aqeeq ul Station Natural

Cherry, Cardamom, Brown Sugar

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This stunning heirloom coffee from Yemen is rich yet intricate, with floral tones and a wine-like body. Aromas of strawberry taffy and brown sugar lead to notes of cherry, rum cake, and bergamot in the cup. Red grape acidity provides balance, resolving into a finish of semi-sweet chocolate and cardamom.

97 Points from Coffee Review, May 2022: "A gorgeous stunner of a classic Yemen cup: fruit-laden, floral and sweetly herbaceous—a heady coffee, both aromatically and on the palate."

Available whole bean in an 8oz or 4oz bag. This coffee roasts and ships on Tuesdays only. Please scroll down for more details.


Producer: Al-Ezzi Industries
Farm: Smallholders
Region: Sharqi, Haraaz
Altitude: 6,234-8,005 feet | 1,900-2,440 masl
Varietal: Tuffahi, Dawairi, Jaadi, other heirloom varieties
Process: Natural
Roast: Medium
Notes: Cherry, Cardamom, Brown Sugar

The Story

Imported by Cafe Imports. "Haraaz Red" is a measure of coffee quality, referring to fresh cherries purchased directly from producers who have picked or sorted ripe fruit and delivered it immediately after harvest. The cherries are then dried on raised beds and milled in Sana'a. Lots are fully traceable through producer ID cards.

In the mid-2010s, Cafe Imports began to partner with Shabbir Ezzi, the owner of exporting company Al-Ezzi Industries. As part of their partnership, Al-Ezzi began to focus on buying fresh (not dried) cherries from producers and to dry the cherries evenly on raised beds instead of traditional patios and rooftops.

Al-Ezzi's business differs from the traditional Yemeni coffee market as follows:

• Farmers are paid a high base price for bringing their coffee to participating receiving stations, and are paid premiums for coffees that meet certain standards of moisture content and quality selection.

• Coffee farmers are voluntarily issued ID cards, which are used to keep track of their deliveries and ensure proper, timely payment.

• Each farmer's individual contributions are meticulously recorded so that the coffees are traceable down to individuals—highly unusual in a country where the average farmer produces less than 100 kilos of cherry.

• Fresh, ripe red cherries earn an additional premium over traditional dried cherries, as buying fresh cherries allows Al-Ezzi to ensure quality before drying, and to carefully control the drying process.

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