Finca Villa Loyola / Suyusama Program

Semi-Sweet Chocolate, Toasted Walnut, Raisin

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This rich medium roast introduces itself with aromas of black cherry, molasses, and semi-sweet chocolate. We found notes of graham cracker and raisin in the cup, with blood orange acidity. The finish features toasted walnut and more semi-sweet chocolate.


ProducerPadre José Aguilar Posada
Farm: Finca Villa Loyola
Region: Pasto, Nariño
Altitude: 6,158 feet
Varietal: Castillo, Colombia, Caturra
Process: Washed 
Roast: Medium
Notes: Semi-Sweet Chocolate, Toasted Walnut, Raisin

The Story

"Suyusama" means "beautiful place" in the Quechua language of the indigenous peoples of the Central Andes. The Suyusama Project embodies the idea that sustainability is not just an ethical concept, but a necessity to live humbly and harmoniously with the world, through educating and empowering local campesinos (peasant farmers) and communities alike.

Currently the project has about 900 farmers involved. Through our relationship with Padre José Alejandro Aguilar Posada of Finca Villa Loyola, we have seen this project develop through experimentation and fine-tuning agricultural methods.

With an education from Colombia, Brazil, Congo, and the United States, Padre Joe has extensive knowledge and experience in agro-ecology, sustainability, rural development, regional sustainability, and eco-theology. Throughout his life and travels, he has been deeply involved in sustainable agricultural development and rural economics. Padre Joe invites farmers from around the region to participate in the Suyusama Program. Farmers are educated in methods of organic agriculture, coffee processing, and understanding the value of their crop. Campesinos are then empowered by the wealth and spread of beneficial farming techniques.

Padre Joe says:

"Sustainability, as an ethical and conceptual horizon, goes beyond a development strategy. It is, above all, an option to learn about life and the world. The main objective of the learning we want to carry out in the Suyusama Regional Sustainability Program should help us establish harmonious relationships between human beings and nature, while we carry out our deepest dreams and overcome the main challenges and challenges of the present."

Direct Trade

Learn more about the impact of the Suyusama Program in this video from our sister company, Bird Rock Coffee Roasters:

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