Duncan Estate / Kotowa Las Brujas Lot 51 Gesha Natural Double Fermentation with Yeast

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Mixed Berries, Caramel, Rosehip

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Aromas of mixed berries, caramel, and papaya introduce this soft-bodied gesha. We found flavors of blonde ale and strawberry in the cup, with bright rosehip acidity and pineapple sweetness. The luscious finish features grapefruit and pear.

Available whole bean in an 8 oz Blue Label tube, 8 oz pouch, or 4 oz pouch. This coffee roasts on Tuesdays only. Order by 4PM CT on the day preceding a roast to be included in that roast.


Producer: Duncan Estate
Farm: Kotowa
Region: Boquete, Panama
Altitude: 5,906 feet
Varietal: Gesha
Process: Natural, Double Fermentation w/ Yeast
Roast: Light-Medium
Notes: Mixed Berries, Caramel, Rosehip

The Story

As with our previous offering of Lot 57, Ricardo Koyner's proprietary double fermentation process gives this natural gesha beautiful depth. Complex florals and fermented characteristics provide a backdrop for luscious fruit flavors.

After harvest, this coffee rested in the shade for a day to lose a bit of moisture before being sprayed with an extract from a previous batch containing natural yeast and sugars. The coffee then fermented for 8 days in the shade. Then it was sun-dried for 4 hours a day for 10 days to bring the moisture content down to 20%, gathered and stored for a second fermentation period of 2 weeks, and finally dried for 10 days.

Direct Trade

Kotowa is one of a few farms owned the Koyner/Duncan family in Boquete, Panama. The family moved to Panama from Canada in the early 20th century and established one of the first coffee mills in the country, which is still operational today.

The coffee at Kotowa—"mountain" in the indigenous Gnobe Indian language—grows on the slopes of the Baru volcano, between the Pacific Ocean and the mountains of the continental divide. This location creates a microclimate of cool temperatures and optimal amounts of rain and sun. The coffees mature slowly and produce cherries with a high sugar content.

At Kotowa's Las Brujas farm there is a small creek that has an underground current. That causes the creek to sometimes be dry in some areas and wet in others. The area was called "Las Brujas" because people used to think that witches caused the stream to appear and disappear.

Kotowa offers its workers medical care and, for the children of workers, a nursery providing both meals and a school program. These social programs have earned repeated recognition from UNICEF.

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