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The Holiday Coffee Trio

Holiday Coffee
The Holiday Bean, Lump o' Coal, + The Beancracker
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Why choose just one? Save $7.50 on the Holiday Coffee Trio: one bag each of The Holiday Bean, Lump o' Coal, and The Beancracker. The perfect gift for the coffee lover in your life!

La Lagunita Honey Holiday Bean: a light roast Honey Process Bourbon from Direct Trade Partners Finca Los Planes with notes of red apple, caramel, and Swiss chocolate.

The Beancracker Holiday Blend: a comforting light-medium roast with notes of milk chocolate, cherry pie, and molasses.

Lump o' Coal Holiday Blend: a rich, deep, and robust dark roast with notes of dark chocolate and brown sugar.

If you select a grind option, all three coffees will be ground to the same specification.

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