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Campo Bello / Tabi Washed Long Fermentation

Pineapple, Honeysuckle, Raisin

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A rare variety and unique processing create a memorable cup. You might mistake this for a honey-processed coffee with its sweet aromas of orange, grilled pineapple, and soft graham cracker. When brewed, we found juicy grapefruit zest acidity with notes of pineapple and raisin. Dried apricot sweetness softens the body, with molasses and honeydew in the finish.


Producer: Orlando Quinayas
Farm: Campo Bello
Region: Huila
Altitude: 5,840 feet | 1,780 masl
Varietal: Tabi
Process: Washed w/ Long Fermentation
Roast: Light-Medium
Notes: Pineapple, Honeysuckle, Raisin

The Story

Thirty-five years ago, lifelong coffee farmer Orlando Quinayas bought Campo Bello ("beautiful field") from his father-in-law. He grew up among coffee trees and loves the plant that rewards his hard work with a good income for his family. He and his wife have six children, with two still living at home. During harvest, the whole family meets to collect the ripe cherries and process the coffee.

The farm is unique place for him and his family: “Our kingdom,” he calls it with pride. It allows them to live and work together as well as stay in harmony with nature.

Four years ago he planted the Tabi variety after hearing positive reviews from his neighbors regarding the plant’s hardiness and cup quality. Despite the lower yield, Don Orlando is pleased with the results. His objective is to continue increasing the quality of his coffee to secure better income for his family. Thanks to technical support from Inconexus, he has also made improvements in coffee processing at Campo Bello, lifting his Tabi harvest to its highest potential.

Don Orlando passionately cultivates his coffee and maintains his land knowing that his harvests may be appreciated by people worldwide. It brings him pride and an initiative to continue working hard to improve the quality of his coffee harvest. In the near future, he plans to renovate his farm’s infrastructure to further improve his coffee processing.

The Process

Don Orlando’s Long Fermentation process involves fermenting depulped coffee in tanks for 30 hours—about twice as long as most washed coffees—to break down the mucilage. The washed parchment then dries for 10-15 days under canopies.

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