Granja La Esperanza / Sudan Rume Bundle

Blue Label
Bundle and save on Granja La Esperanza's prized Sudan Rume, processed two ways.
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For a limited time, the Washed and Natural versions of Granja La Esperanza's prized Sudan Rume are available together at a discount! Save $17.50 on two 8oz bags, or save $9.00 on two 4oz bags.

• Sudan Rume Natural: A silky, slightly boozy medium roast with notes of brandied cherry, mixed berry, and marmalade.

• Sudan Rume Washed: A complex light-medium roast with notes of persimmon, almond brittle, and plum. 

Blue Label coffees roast and ship on Tuesdays only. Order by 4PM CT Monday to be included in a Tuesday roast. 


Sudan Rume is an exceptionally rare coffee with a beautiful flavor profile. As its name suggests, the varietal was discovered in the country of Sudan near its border with Ethiopia. It's a naturally-occurring varietal from the Bourbon family, bursting with red fruit and floral flavors, but very low-yielding. Due to the tree’s low yield, Sudan Rume has mainly been used for breeding, creating hybrid trees that produce more fruit with some of its prized flavor characteristics.

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