La Palma y El Tucán / Sidra Natural Lot #444

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Cider, Cocoa Nib, Marmalade

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This unique coffee introduces itself with aromas of marmalade, blackberry, and caramel apple. Sweet, silky notes of nougat and apple cider accompany more marmalade in the cup, with crisp cider acidity. The lingering finish features cocoa nib and a touch of sweet sage.

Available whole bean in an 8oz or 4oz bag. This coffee roasts on Tuesdays only. Order by 4PM CT on Monday to be included in Tuesday's roast.


Producer: Felipe Sardi and Elisa María Madriñan
Farm: La Palma y El Tucán
Region: Cundinamarca, Colombia
Altitude: 5,741 feet | 1,750 masl
Varietal: Sidra
Process: Natural
Roast: Light-Medium
Notes: Cider, Cocoa Nib, Marmalade

The Story

Sidra is a hybrid of Red Bourbon and Typica that originated in Ecuador. It marries the sweetness and body of Red Bourbon to the acidity of Typica.

1,793 Sidra trees were planted at La Palma y El Tucán in 2012. After realizing the potential of this variety, another 4,300 trees were planted in 2015.

Nano-lot #444 from La Palma's Heroes Series was selected from just 700 Sidra trees. The cherries were fermented for 94 hours after harvest and then dried with the fruit intact for 29 days.

Direct Trade

Finca La Palma y El Tucán is located in Colombia's Cundinamarca region, on the eastern range of the Colombian Andes. Though it is only about an hour and a half from Bogota, it features a range of micro-climates that allow for great biodiversity and unique ecosystems, with ideal conditions for specialty coffee growing.

In 2013 our friends Carlos, Elisa, and Felipe, founders of La Palma y El Tucán, developed a plan to work with their neighbors to create a sustainable relationship model. They named the program Neighbors & Crops and have identified more than 200 coffee producers within a 10-kilometer radius to take part. La Palma y El Tucán buys the coffee cherries from these neighbors, provides training for exceptional harvesting, and experiments with different processing methods in search of the perfect cup.

The plan was to select and train specific pickers in high-quality coffee harvesting methods. They would then work with the neighbors to select, pick, and buy the cherry. These families are paid 50% more than the national average for their coffee cherry, as well as given additional coffee trees grown at the La Palma y El Tucán nursery.

Learn more in Jeff Taylor's blog post: La Palma y El Tucán at Five Years.


This coffee will be produced once a week, on Tuesdays. Order by 4PM CT on Monday to be included in Tuesday's roast. All coffee and merchandise in your order will be produced and shipped on the same day unless you specify otherwise in the Order Notes section of your shopping cart. Please see our Shipping FAQs for more details.

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