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Nano Genji No. 6

Brown Sugar, Peach, Lemongrass

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Before taking your first sip, breathe in the deeply sweet aroma of grilled peaches and brown sugar. Then drink and notice the incredibly juicy body and sweet Meyer lemon acidity. Peach sweetness lingers throughout the cup, complemented by a toasty Graham cracker note. The finish has a delightfully herbal touch of lemongrass.


Producer: Nano Challa Cooperative
Farm: Various smallholders
Region: Agaro, Jimma Zone
Altitude: 7,218 feet
Varietal: Heirloom
Process: Washed 
Roast: Light-Medium
Notes: Brown Sugar, Peach, Lemongrass

The Story

This limited offering of lot #6 is the first coffee we've offered from Nano Challa Cooperative’s new sister mill, Nano Genji. Coffees from Nano Challa over the past few years have been nothing short of extraordinary, and it's gratifying to see the co-op's hard work paying off. The co-op's quick-growing renown in the specialty coffee world has led to an expansion of over 600 members and the need to build a second mill. The cooperative pays a high premium to its members, allowing for more skillful processing and a truly wonderful end product.

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