Chiapas Yaxcoffee MWP Decaf

Cocoa Powder, Prune, Cinnamon

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This buttery decaf opens with aromas of cherry, caramel, and cinnamon. Notes of cocoa powder, mellow tobacco, and prune mingle with cane sugar sweetness in the cup. Cinnamon and roasted hazelnut provide the finishing touch.


Producer: Yaxcoffee
Farm: Smallholders
Region: Tumbalá, Chiapas
Altitude: 2,953-3,937 feet | 900-1,200 masl
Varietal: Typica, Bourbon
Process: Washed, Mountain Water Process
Roast: Medium
Notes: Cocoa Powder, Prune, Cinnamon

The Story

The Comercializadora y Exportadora Yaxcoffee Café Verde coop (aka Yaxcoffee) comprises 1,536 small coffee farmers, all belonging to the indigenous ethnicities Tzeltal and Chol. They live in the remote area of Tumbalá, Chiapas, where their languages and culture survive. YAX means "green" in the indigenous language Tzeltal, and it refers to the indigenous concept of the members of the cooperative who consider "Mother Earth" as the base of all life.

Coffee is produced organically under shade trees without application of chemical substances and with a high diversity of plants in the plantation to guarantee the survival of biodiversity. Their vision is to improve the living conditions of small coffee producers through the production, gathering, processing, and marketing of high-quality, Organic, and Fair Trade coffee organized by the social cooperative Yaxcoffee. Young producers see a future for themselves growing high quality coffee instead of migrating.

The Mountain Water Process

Mountain Water Process is a chemical-free method for removing caffeine from green coffee. The process involves soaking green coffee in fresh mountain water until it reaches a saturation level that allows the dissolvable solids, including caffeine, to be extracted. The water then passes through carbon filters, removing the caffeine before being returned to the tank. Using pressure, the coffee oils are reintroduced to the green coffee, leaving it around 98% caffeine free.

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