Mixteca 50/50 MWP Organic

Signature Blend
Molasses, Pecan, Clementine

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A unique and possibly unprecedented "half-caff" blend! The two components are the same organic coffee, processed in two ways: half washed, half decaffeinated via the Mountain Water Process.

Rich aromas of molasses and roasted almond give way to a pecan-tinged cup with blackcurrant sweetness. The silky body features clementine acidity, which fades into a finish of semi-sweet chocolate and coriander.


Producer: Sierra Mixteca de Yucuhiti Unidos
Farm: Smallholders
Region: Oaxaca, Sierra Mixteca
Altitude: 5,900 feet
Varietal: Bourbon, Yellow Bourbon
Process: Washed / Mountain Water Process
Roast: Light-Medium
Notes: Molasses, Pecan, Clementine

The Story

This blend consists of coffee grown by six communities around Guadalupe Miramar, a small indigenous Mixteca village in western Oaxaca, and processed at the Galguera Gomez mill. We blend the caffeinated and decaffeinated coffees pre-roast and take the blend to a light-medium roast, bringing out sweet and nutty notes for a rich and satisfying cup.

It's perfect for caffeine-sensitive coffee lovers, or for those who like to have more than one afternoon cup but also like to sleep at night!

To taste the individual components on their own, try Mixteca Organic and MWP Decaf Oaxaca Galguera Gomez Organic.

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