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Mama Cata Toña

Starfruit, Clover Honey, Swiss Chocolate
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This lightly roasted coffee features a ginger aroma, juicy body, and a light acidity that mirrors rainier cherries. When brewed it has notes of starfruit and chamomile flower with a clover honey sweetness. The finish is sweet, leaving a lingering note of Swiss chocolate. 

Scored 94 Points from Coffee Review in 2016!


Producer: José David Garrido Pérez
Farm: Mama Cata Estate
Altitude: 5085 - 5575 feet
Varietal: Green Tip Geisha, Red Catuai, Green Tip Typica, Bronze Tip Typica
Process: Washed
Roast: Light
Notes: Starfruit, Clover Honey, Swiss Chocolate

The Story

From PT's Co-Founder Jeff Taylor:

“With a passion for farming, a commitment to quality, and a love of coffee and people, José David Garrido founded Mama Cata Estate in the region of Alto Quiel, very near to Boquete, Panama and began the process of producing outstanding, unique coffee from his land in 1997. We are happy to partner with him for the first time and bring you this one of a kind coffee, never before offered to any roaster in the USA, Finca Mama Cata, Lot Toña. A specific selection of multiple varieties is blended to create a unique, spectacular flavor profile.”

In the early 2000’s, when the Geisha varietal was “discovered” by the specialty coffee industry, the Garrido family looked once again to their own small Geisha lot. For the purposes of the Best of Panama, the lot was too small to produce the amount required to compete. In 2005 they created a blend from their Geisha lot and Typica from two other lots. It finished second to the winning coffee from La Esmeralda Estate. The quality of this blend has been adapted and improved over the years along with the modernization and innovation of the rest of the estate.

Read more about the rich history of Mama Cata Estate and its innovative use of technology on our Farmer Profile page.

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