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Los Alpes / Pink Bourbon Honey

Vanilla, Guava, Lemon Balm

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Aromas of raspberry, vanilla, and apricot introduce this delicate Pink Bourbon. Notes of guava, blackberry, and honey in the cup are accompanied by a soft body and gala apple acidity, with honeydew sweetness. The slightly savory finish is reminiscent of champagne and lemon balm.


Producer: Wilfredo Trujillo Mota
Farm: Los Alpes
Region: Huila, Colombia
Altitude: 4,920-5,575 feet
Varietal: Pink Bourbon
Process: Honey
Roast: Light-Medium
Notes: Vanilla, Guava, Lemon Balm

The Story

A PT's/Bird Rock exclusive, imported by InConexus.

Los Alpes has belonged to Wilfredo Trujillo Mota's family for generations. When he inherited the estate from his father, he decided to turn it into prosperous land for specialty coffee. He and his wife found a stable source of income in coffee, but also a joint passion for the crop. They know that a great cup of coffee comes from hard work and dedication through every step of the production and that being careful with the details is essential to obtain an even better cup.

To improve coffee production, Wilfredo attended training provided by InConexus. This partnership encouraged him to start experimenting with new varietals and post-harvest practices. The distinguished cup profile of this Pink Bourbon and the positive results of the honey process led him to put more focus on both. Even though pink bourbon became Wilfredo's favorite varietal, he understands the importance of diversity and plans to cultivate more varietals on his land. All without compromising on quality and with care to improve the process. InConexus' support has helped Wilfredo to improve the management of his farm, the soil, and the quality of the coffee he produces. Alongside those goals, he has improved income and living conditions for his family and employees in his community.

The Honey Process

This coffee was depulped shortly after picking and spent 22 hours in fermentation tanks prior to drying for 12-13 days under shade canopies. Our roasting team's approach to this coffee was to accentuate its processing: expect a soft, silky mouthfeel, spiced fruitiness, and mellow acidity.

The honey process occupies the middle ground between the washed and natural processes. After harvest the skin and pulp of the coffee cherries are removed. Rather than being washed immediately to remove the sticky mucilage, the coffee dries on raised beds with some or most of the mucilage still clinging to the parchment—a shell-like layer encasing the inner seed.

This treatment produces a cup with some of the fruity characteristics of a natural as well as a softer, creamier mouthfeel than a typical washed coffee.

Learn more in our blog post Coffee Processing: An Introduction.

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