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Finca La María / Natural Gesha /
Second Place, Cup of Excellence

Port Wine, Tamarind, Hibiscus

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The first harvest of this Natural Gesha boasts enticing, complex aromas of port wine, nutmeg, and mango. The first sip brings waves of hibiscus and tamarind with a delicate, tea-like body. Hints of blueberry and mango linger throughout, leading to a lively lime finish. 

Available whole bean in 8-ounce Blue Label tube packaging. This coffee will roast on Tuesdays only.


Producer: Orlando Ospina Salazar
Farm: La María 2017
Altitude: 5700 feet
Varietal: Gesha
Process: Natural
Roast: Light
Notes: Port Wine, Tamarind, Hibiscus

The Story

This natural Gesha is the first lot produced by Orlando Salazar, and it's very impressive! Orlando, an agronomist and consultant for coffee farms in the region, dreams that he and his wife will one day have a coffee farm of their own. Taking a chance, they rented a small farm in Colombia's Cundinamarca department to grow 5,000 Gesha trees. Orlando, his wife, and his sisters set to work picking their first harvest in 2017. With the intention of submitting their lot to the Cup of Excellence Competition, but without the necessary infrastructure to produce a washed coffee, Orlando decided on the natural process—a finicky and lower-yielding method. With his extensive coffee knowledge and the help of his wife and family, Orlando was able to pick and process enough coffee to qualify for submission to COE. Their intense effort paid off with an impressive Second Place win!

“To me getting the Second Place was like getting the First, as this was my first harvest, with my first lot of coffee, and participating for the first time in this competition.”

- Orlando Ospina Salazar



This coffee will be produced once a week, on Tuesdays. All coffee and merchandise in your order will be produced and shipped on the same day unless you specify otherwise in the Order Notes section of your shopping cart. Please see our Shipping FAQs for more details.

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