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Bojonalito La Libertad Bundle

One coffee, two roast profiles.
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This is the first time we've offered coffee from the Bojonalito community in Huehuetenango, and we're duly impressed. This microlot brings together Bourbon and Caturra grown by the Rivas, Leon, Villatoro, and Castillo families on the fertile land between the mountain ranges of Cuilco and La Libertad.

We initially launched this coffee at a sweet light-medium roast, but saw potential for further development and introduced an alternate medium-dark roast profile with added depth and richness. Now, you can purchase the two roast profiles together at a discount.

Bojonalito La Libertad: light-medium roast with notes of mandarin, Swiss chocolate, and golden pear.

Bojonalito La Libertad: Dark(er): medium-dark roast with notes of semi-sweet chocolate, ruby red grapefruit, and walnut.

This bundle contains two 12-ounce bags of coffee. If you choose a grind option, both coffees will be ground to your specification. 

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