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Kerinci Farmers Association / Kerinci Washed

Stewed Plums, Ruby Red Grapefruit, White Pepper

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The processing of this Kerinci lot creates a truly unique flavor profile, combining notes of Sumatran terroir with the creamy richness of a washed Bourbon. The aroma is deeply sweet, with notes of stewed plums and caramel flan. When brewed, we found notes of cashew and red grape, a creamy body, and a molasses sweetness illuminated by Ruby Red grapefruit acidity. The finish is crisp and cooling, with hints of sage and white pepper.


Producer: Smallholders
Farm: Kerinci Farmers Association
Region: Jambi Province
Altitude: 5,250-5,500
Varietal: Lini S795
Process: Washed
Roast: Moderately Light
Notes: Stewed Plums, Ruby Red Grapefruit, White Pepper

The Story

Imported by Crop to Cup from the highest coffee-growing elevation on Sumatra.

Most Sumatran coffees undergo the wet-hulling process, which gives them their unmistakable flavor profile. Kerinci, from Jambi province in central Sumatra, is a rare find: a fully washed Sumatran coffee.

Lini S795 is a cultivar that is high-yielding, resistant to coffee leaf rust, and known for its balanced cup profile. It's planted widely in India and Indonesia.

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