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Kerinci Solok Radjo

Plum, Nougat, Coriander

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Aromas of plum, key lime, and white pepper lead to notes of nougat and juicy plum in the brewed cup. The body is creamy with brown sugar sweetness and a crisp Champagne-like acidity. Aftertastes of coriander and Swiss chocolate provide the finishing touch.


Producer: Solok Radjo Cooperative
Farm: Smallholders
Region: Jambi Province
Altitude: 5,200 feet
Varietal: Lini S795
Process: Wet-Hulled
Roast: Light-Medium
Notes: Plum, Nougat, Coriander

The Story

From the importers, Crop to Cup:

"Solok Radjo Cooperative (600 members strong, 1-2 hectares each) is a young, energetic group, and they are roasting, visiting cafes, brewing, [studying] agronomy, etc. They have three Q-certified cuppers/graders on staff, and have cupping set ups at both the field location in Aie Dingin and the drying/mill location in Solok. They are checking moisture (though not diligently) and roasting on site to check each lot and report back to our local staff in Medan.

"On the ecology front, this group is serious. They have a grant from the government to re-forest 3,000 hectares of previously cleared land at the border of the National Park. 1st phase/test is underway now with 120 hectares. They are growing both shade tree/forest seedlings and coffee tree seedlings at their coop nursery, and they're re-making this cleared land into forest land with coffee trees growing under the canopy."

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