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Kamwangi AA Washed

Vanilla Bean, Canned Mandarin, Persimmon

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A classic Kenyan cup with vanilla bean and dark cherry aromas. We found notes of canned mandarin, chamomile, and rich persimmon in the cup. Its juicy body is lifted by bright lime acidity, and accompanied by soft nougat sweetness. Vanilla and a hint of banana emerge in the finish.


Producer: Kamwangi Factory
Farm: Smallholders
Region: Kirinyaga
Altitude: 4,921-5,906 feet | 1,500-1,800 masl
Varietal: SL34, SL28, K7, Ruiru 11
Process: Washed
Roast: Light
Notes: Vanilla Bean, Canned Mandarin, Persimmon

The Story

The Kamwangi Factory sits on the slopes of Mt. Kenya and is part of the Rainforest Alliance-certified New Ngariama Cooperative Society.

Kirinyaga’s altitude and volcanic soil make it perfect for growing especially sweet and complex coffees. Approximately 1,000 smallholders with an average of half a hectare each (about 250 trees) bring their hand-harvested cherries to the factory for processing.

The harvest is sorted by hand by a team lead by the “cherry clerk,” and unripe and defective cherries are removed. The cherries are then depulped, sorted by density, and dry-fermented for 16-24 hours. They are then sent through the washing channels to remove the mucilage and once again sorted by density. This extra sorting ensures the characteristic dense sweetness of Kamwangi's coffee.

The sorted groups are soaked in fresh water for 24 hours for a final fermentation, adding a complex acidity to the flavor profile. The coffee is then dried on raised beds until it reaches 11% moisture content. 

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