Horas Tano Batak

Black Cherry, Almond Brittle, Grapefruit

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This deeply sweet Sumatran coffee introduces itself with aromas of plum and almond brittle, which lead to notes of black cherry and sage in the cup. The creamy body is accompanied by grapefruit acidity, finishing with hazelnut and sandalwood.


Producer: PT. Indo Cafco
Farm: Various smallholders
Region: Lintong Nihuta, North Sumatra Province
Altitude: 4,265-4,593 feet | 1,300-1,400 masl
Varietal: Typica, Lini-S, Catimor (Sigarar Utang)
Process: Wet-Hulled
Roast: Light-Medium
Notes: Black Cherry, Almond Brittle, Grapefruit

The Story

Created by an enormous volcanic eruption more than 74,000 years ago, Lake Toba is a giant caldera high in the mountains of North Sumatra. Situated in the southern part of the lake is the soul of North Sumatra’s coffee production: Humbang Hasandutan regency. Almost 80% of the populations in this region are coffee growers, with vegetables and rice making up the rest.

Traditionally the coffee harvested in this region has been blended with coffee from the mainland surrounding the outer banks of Lake Toba, but PT. Indo CafCo was able to secure this lot through careful sourcing and high quality control. PT. Indo CafCo has established direct working relationships with many passionate farmers in this area over the years. 

The Wet-Hulling Process

In this method, the skin of the ripe coffee cherry is removed using modified wooden hand pulpers. The pulped cherry is then fermented overnight in plastic bags. The mucilage is then removed by washing the beans, and the parchment is sun-dried until the moisture content reaches 30-40% and suitable for hulling.

The hulled beans are then dried to 12-13% moisture content, at which point they are ready for sorting, grading, bagging, and export.

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