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Guzman Villafuerte Fernando

Green Grape, Milk Chocolate, Red Apple

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With aromas of milk chocolate, plum, and navel orange, this Peruvian single-origin stands out from the start. The body is soft and buttery, with notes of green grape and mulberry accompanied by red apple acidity. The layered finish features oak and candied almond.


Producer: Valle Inca Co-op
Farm: Potrero
Region: Calca Province
Altitude: 5,282 feet | 1,610 masl
Varietal: Typica, Bourbon
Process: Washed
Roast: Light-Medium
Notes: Green Grape, Milk Chocolate, Red Apple

The Story

Imported by our friends at Red Fox, who had the following to say about this coffee and the growth of Valle Inca co-op:

"Born in 1971, Valentin Guzman Villafuerte has been producing coffee for over 20 years and has been a member of Valle Inca for four years.

"Nestled in the Yanatile Valley in the Department of Cusco in the south of Peru, Valle Inca functions as a producer group. Prudencio Vargas Saenz, who created and runs the group, buys parchment from farmers and reinvests premiums in the community’s infrastructure to help improve quality. With former experience as an agricultural loan officer, Prudencio recently formalized Valle Inca in order to gain organic certification, Fair Trade certification, and the ability to export on his own.

"Valle Inca is growing its membership quickly, with 101 farmers currently in the fold. It’s no surprise that more and more farmers want to work with Valle Inca; in the community, Prudencio is known for his honesty, trustworthiness, dedication, and drive to invest and reinvest in his community, genuinely engaging their goals and concerns. He also pays higher prices than farmers had access to prior to the founding of Valle Inca, which has helped to improve quality as well as overall community health over time.

"Leaders like Prudencio are rare, and the quality of connection between leadership and producer shines through in the cup. At their best, coffees from Valle Inca display elegant honeyed florals, crisp red apple, and a pleasant tannic quality like oolong tea. They have a lot to offer specialty coffee professionals in the way of nuance, but they’re also wonderfully approachable for regular consumers.

"One of the things that makes Valle Inca so exciting is that there’s still so much untapped potential there. There are many more hills and mountain peaks where producers we haven’t yet connected with are growing great coffee, and Prudencio is working hard to find them and bring them into the specialty market.

"We look forward to seeing what the future holds for Valle Inca and are excited about the coffees this harvest has yielded."

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