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Los Planes / La Muela Pacamara Washed

El Salvador

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This is UNROASTED COFFEE and is not drinkable.


Producer: Sergio Ticas
Farm: Finca Los Planes
Region: Chalatenango
Altitude: 5,330 feet
Varietal: Pacamara
Process: Washed


Pacamara is a hybrid of the flavorful Pacas and the giant, high-production Maragogype varieties and was first bred in El Salvador in 1958. Its large cherries produce a coffee that when roasted properly features complex fruit notes and a creamy mouthfeel.

La Muela is a special sorted Pacamara lot from the El Matazano, Cerro Los Tamales, and Auracarias farms at Finca Los Planes. After the coffee has been depulped (the bean separated from the fruit), it is sent through a criba drum to remove the parchment, or hull. This nanolot consists of the parchment coffee that is too large to pass through the criba drum. Sr. Ticas believes these beans are produced when the Maragogype genes segregate themselves from the Pacas genes in the Pacamara hybrid. The beans have a molar-like appearance, hence the name “La Muela.”


Sergio Ticas and his wife, Isabel, became our first Direct Trade partners over a decade ago. On our first visit it was clear to us their commitment to quality and sustainable practices is top priority. They have been engaged in multiple sustainable initiatives over the last few years. Most recently Finca Los Planes installed a new water recovery system to protect the water supply and purify the water before being released back into the ecosystem.

This is UNROASTED COFFEE and is not drinkable. 

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