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MWP Decaf Oaxaca Galguera Gomez Organic


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This coffee is UNROASTED and is not drinkable.


Producer: Sierra Mixteca de Yucuhiti Unidos
Farm: Multiple
Region: Oaxaca, Sierra Mixteca
Altitude: 5,900 feet
Varietal: Bourbon & Yellow Bourbon
Process: Mountain Water Process

The Story

This coffee, imported by Crop to Cup, comes from the same mill as our previous organic decaf. The Galguera Gomez lot consists of coffees from six communities around Guadalupe Miramar, a small indigenous Mixteca village in western Oaxaca. 

The Mountain Water Process

The Mountain Water Process (MWP) is a chemical-free method for removing caffeine from green coffee beans. The process involves soaking green coffee in fresh mountain glacier water until it reaches a saturation level that allows the dissolvable solids, including caffeine, to be extracted. The water then passes through carbon filters, removing the caffeine before being returned to the tank. Under pressure, the coffee oils are reintroduced to the green coffee, leaving it around 98% caffeine free. The process tends to emphasize body and chocolate notes while preserving acidity.

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