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Finca Santa Maria / Lote Valeria Washed


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This is UNROASTED COFFEE and is not drinkable.


Producer: Armando Benavides Portilla
Farm: Finca Santa Maria, Colombia
Altitude: 6,069 feet
Varietal: Caturra
Process: Washed

The Story

The growing conditions at Finca Santa Maria in Colombia's Nariño region are unique. Located at over 6000 feet, long hours of sunlight and hot springs allow the coffee trees to grow in higher, colder altitudes. This leads to a bean we value for its great level of sweetness and acidity. Armando Benavides is focused on innovations they have been implementing on the farm, such as irrigation, traditional processing methods, and the introduction of new varietals.

Direct Trade

During our visits to the farm, we have always been impressed with their level of commitment to sustainability and quality. On top of the farming initiatives, what impresses us most about this farm are its family values. Armando has stressed the importance of passing on his passion for coffee farming to his children and the benefits of a strong relationship with us, his buyers. Good management goes well beyond producing great coffee; it is about coming together with enriching experiences, family, and friendship.

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