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Gahahe / Natural


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This coffee is UNROASTED and is not drinkable.


Producer: Gahahe Washing Station
Farm: 1,250 smallholders
Altitude: 5,920 feet
Region: Kayanza Province
Varietal: Bourbon 
Process: Natural

The Story

Imported by our friends at Keffa Coffee.

Burundi is a landlocked country in Central Africa bordered by the Democratic Republic Of The Congo, Rwanda, and Tanzania. The official languages are Kirundi and French, with pockets of Swahili being spoken mostly in Bujumbura. Hilly and mountainous, Burundi is ideal for coffee cultivation. Coffee growing and production began during Belgian occupation in the early 1930s. From 1980 to 1993, Burundi invested heavily in the coffee subsector with assistance—both monetary and strategic—from the World Bank.

Kayanza is one of the most reputable growing regions of Burundi. Soils are rich and volcanic, while the growing conditions are optimal year round. Gahahe Washing Station was built in 1989 in the Kayanza commune and province. The name "Gahahe" comes from the igihahe trees that were once found in this region. Due to the number of these trees in the region, the Kirundi phrase kubavomere batumisha—"always covered in green"—was used to describe the land. This washing station collects and processes cherries from over 1,250 local coffee farmers spread over 16 neighboring collines (hills).

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