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Finca Los Planes / El Matazano Honey

El Salvador
Fig, Milk Chocolate, Papaya

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This lightly roasted Pacamara has soft and sweet aromas of hazelnut crème, caramel, and fig. Notes of vanilla bean and milk chocolate stand out in the brewed cup, with a rich body and papaya sweetness. The finish features walnut and a hint of hibiscus.

See what a difference coffee processing can make: grab a bag of Matazano Washed and compare the two!


Producer: Sergio and Isabel Ticas
Farm: Finca Los Planes
Region: Chalatenango, El Salvador
Altitude: 5750 feet
Varietal: Pacamara
Process: Honey (Pulped Natural)
Roast: Light
Notes: Fig, Milk Chocolate, Papaya

The Story

This Pacamara has gone through the Honey, or Pulped Natural, process. The skin of the cherry has been removed, leaving the mucilage intact on the bean. Great care is taken to dry the coffee on raised beds with even airflow, keeping the mucilage from over-fermenting and producing a beautiful coffee with heightened sweetness.

The Pacamara varietal is a hybrid of the traditional and flavorful Pacas variety and the giant, high production Maragogype variety and was first bred in El Salvador in 1958.

Direct Trade 

Over the last decade, El Matazano has become one of our favorite micro-lots. It is a beautiful example of the Pacamara variety and one of the first lots we ever featured from Finca Los Planes. Husband and wife producers Sergio and Isabel Ticas grow this coffee at the highest elevation on their farm, over 5700 feet. Higher elevations tend to have cooler nights, which slows coffee cherry maturation, creating deeper sweetness in the processed bean.

Sergio Ticas and his wife, Isabel, became our first Direct Trade partners 16 years ago. On our first visit it was clear to us that their commitment to quality and sustainable practices is top priority. They have been engaged in multiple sustainability initiatives over the last few years—most recently, Finca Los Planes installed a new water recovery system to protect the water supply and purify the water before releasing it back into the ecosystem.

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