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The Cold Brew Kit

Everything you need to make amazing cold brew.
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Cold Brew's popularity is no surprise. Who doesn't love rich, smooth, refreshing iced coffee? But guess what: it's even better homemade. You get to control all the variables and decide exactly how strong you want it to be.

Our Cold Brew Kit contains everything you need to start making delicious, low-acid cold brew at home. The Filtron Cold Brew System is hands-off and easy to use, producing cold brew concentrate that can be stored in the refrigerator for weeks or frozen for longer periods.

Our Cold Front Signature Blend is specially formulated for cold brewing, producing a rich and smooth cup with notes of blackberry, grape, and caramel. Get it whole bean or have us grind it coarse so you're ready to brew as soon as your kit arrives.

Save $5.95 on the kit!

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