Finca Tasta / Caturra Natural Anaerobic

Cherry, Black Tea, Swiss Chocolate

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Aromas of cherry, nutmeg, and black tea introduce this creamy cup. Notes of maple, tamarind, and black tea are accompanied by Swiss chocolate sweetness and mulberry acidity. The cooling cedar finish will keep you coming back for another sip. 


Producer: Edith Meza
Farm: Finca Tasta
Region: Llayla District, Satipo Province
Altitude: 4,600 feet
Varietal: Yellow and Red Caturra
Process: Natural with Anaerobic Fermentation
Roast: Light
Notes: Cherry, Black Tea, Swiss Chocolate

The Story

This lot was selected from the highest-grown Caturra lot at Finca Tasta. The cherries were picked when they were slightly over-ripe and placed in sealed containers purged of oxygen. Valves on the containers keep the cherries in anaerobic conditions while allowing CO2 to be released during fermentation. After 24 hours, the cherries were moved to raised beds and carefully sun dried. The removal of oxygen slows down the fermentation process, resulting in a uniquely mellow, creamy cup.

Direct Trade

Edith Meza was born in the mountains of rural Peru. As a teenager she moved to the coffee-growing Satipo Province, in the central forest of Peru, to be close to her mother’s family. When they settled, her mother planted a couple hectares of coffee. Sadly, her mother passed away shortly after Edith graduated from school.

Along with her younger brother, they decided to take possession of the farm and become coffee producers. She moved to Lima to study farm management and quality control, earning a diploma in exportation. Edith Meza introduces herself as a producer of specialty coffee and a food engineer: “I’m completely in love with this product, because you learn every day.”

Finca TASTA is not just a specialty coffee farm—Srta. Meza has built a company with a mission to elevate Peru's specialty coffee industry. In 2012, she joined the National Coffee Board and worked behind the scenes at the national specialty coffee competition, learning from renowned Peruvian and international cuppers and buyers. It was here that she introduced herself to PT’s co-founder (and then-green coffee buyer) Jeff Taylor. That same year she trained and performed as a sensory judge during the National Barista Championship.

In 2013, Finca TASTA began experimenting with different coffee processes, and by 2014 began producing honey and natural processed coffees. They are the first coffee farmers in the region to provide benefits to their employees and are working to educate other farmers in the region about sustainable farming practices.

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