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Est. 1993 | Roasted in Kansas

How to brew your Pourta

The PT's Way:

Superior Quality from Seed to Cup

Our awards and accolades speak for themselves: Roast Magazine's Roaster of the Year in 2009, three Good Food Awards, more than 50 scores of 94+ from Coffee Review, and much more.

We roast to order five days a week and ship the same day. You won't find fresher coffee anywhere.

Direct Trade Partnerships

Exceptional coffee depends upon great partnerships. PT's helped pioneer the Direct Trade sourcing model and has been at the forefront of specialty coffee for years. Today, nearly 80% of the coffee we produce is sourced from Direct Trade partners.

Wholesale Expertise

Our wholesale team provides partners across the U.S. with support to help nurture their business strategies, developing close relationships in order to make each venture a success.

Our wholesale program offers quality coffee and expertise to cafes, hotels, corporate offices, and more.

Our Story:


Good Food Award three-peat

Our carefully sourced, expertly roasted coffees have won three Good Food Awards since 2013.


Coffee Review's No. 1 Coffee of the Year

With more than 50 scores of 94+ to date from the leading specialty coffee ratings publication.


Roast Magazine's Roaster of the Year


Direct Trade

Visits to Colombia, El Salvador, and Guatemala mark the beginning of our Direct Trade program.


PT's Founded

Fred Polzin (P) and Jeff Taylor (T) open PT's Caffe Espresso in Topeka. Within a few years they are roasting their own coffee, expanding, and helping develop the World Barista Competition.

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Our Cafes

Three locations open seven days a week in Kansas City and Topeka.

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Our latest releases: single-origins, seasonal blends, and more.

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