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Mbozi Iyenga AA

Peach, Lilac, Lemongrass

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This floral and complex single-origin features sweet aromas of peach and almond brittle, leading to a juicy, lilac-tinged cup. Lemongrass acidity and kiwi-like sweetness lead to a complex finish of dark chocolate and hints of musk melon and cedar.


Producer: Iyenga AMCOS
Farm: 90 smallholders
Region: Mbozi District, Mbeya 
Altitude: 4,300-4,800 feet
Varietal: Bourbon, Kent
Process: Washed
Roast: Light-Medium

Notes: Peach, Lilac, Lemongrass

The Story

Imported by Crop to Cup:

"The Southern Highlands of Tanzania are vast. They span a great number of micro-climates and produce incredible varieties of coffee. But the coffee market in Tanzania is in the north of the country—where Estates are more common, and where coffee trucked from the South is mixed and milled to produce household coffees such as Tanzania AA and PB. 

Join us as we explore the new frontier in African coffee—Southern Tanzania. We came to love Mwalyego Washing Station based on its geography, cup, and community. TechnoServe has played an active role in training and the development of the community's washing station. This well organized community is looking for an alternative to the coffee markets in the North, where they knew their coffee would lose everything that makes it unique."

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