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Mixteca Organic

Hazelnut, White Grape, Honey

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Freshly ground, we experienced an incredibly sweet aroma with hints of honey, marzipan, and navel orange. When brewed, the body is round with notes of hazelnut and pomegranate, and a bright white grape acidity. A soft vanilla and pear sweetness balance with a delicate sandalwood finish.


Producer: Sierra Mixteca de Yucuhiti Unidos
Farm: Smallholders
Region: Oaxaca, Sierra Mixteca
Altitude: 5,900 feet
Varietal: Bourbon, Yellow Bourbon
Process: Washed
Roast: Light
Notes: Hazelnut, White Grape, Honey

The Story

This lot, imported by Crop to Cup from Oaxaca's Galguera Gomez mill, is the same coffee as our Mountain Water Process Decaf, prior to decaffeination. The lot is made up of coffees from six communities around Guadalupe Miramar, a small indigenous Mixteca village in western Oaxaca.

Don't miss Mixteca 50/50 MWP Organic, which combines Mixteca Organic with our Mountain Water Process decaf for a sweet and silky "half-caff" blend!

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