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Finca Las Mercedes / El Rubi Honey

El Salvador
Green Grape, Pecan, Rainier Cherry

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Aromas of green grape, mixed nuts, and toffee introduce this silky honey-process Bourbon. Expect notes of Swiss chocolate and Rainier cherry in the cup with lively green grape acidity and an herbaceous finish of green tea and sandalwood.


Producer: La Familia Ortiz Barriere
Farm: Finca Las Mercedes - El Rubi
Region: Usulután Department, El Salvador
Altitude: 4,900-5,250 feet | 1,494-1,600 masl
Varietal: Bourbon
Process: Honey
Roast: Light
Notes: Green Grape, Pecan, Rainier Cherry

The Story

Finca Las Mercedes' El Rubi farm is located at 4,900-5,250 feet. This Bourbon lot was processed using the Pulped Natural method, also known as the Honey Process. As opposed to a traditional wet processed coffee, in the honey process some mucilage and bits of pulp are left on the coffee parchment while it dries instead of being washed off after depulping. This method emphasizes fruit notes and lends the coffee a creamier mouthfeel than you would find in a traditional washed coffee.

Direct Trade

High in the mountains of Cerro El Tigre in southeastern El Salvador lies the Finca Las Mercedes family of farms. Finca Las Mercedes has been passed down through five generations of the Ortiz family. Through their 125-year history, they have obtained a reputation as one of the elite producers in El Salvador. We've partnered with them since 2006, when they won El Salvador Cup of Excellence.

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