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Finca Las Mercedes / El Pepinal 1

El Salvador
Malt, Pear, Pecan

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Beginning with its aromas of dried mango and malt, this light-medium roast balances deep sweetness with lively top notes. The silky body carries flavors of pear and pecan as well as key lime acidity, leading to a smooth pecan and toffee finish. 


Producer: Familia Ortiz Barriere
Farm: Las Mercedes
Altitude: 4,900-5,250 feet
Varietal: Bourbon
Process: Washed
Roast: Light-Medium
Notes: Malt, Pear, Pecan

The Story

Meticulous processing and attention to detail has produced stellar results for the El Pepinal 1 Bourbon lot. The cherries are screened for quality and are only selected if they have achieved peak ripeness. Finca Las Mercedes has a wet mill on the farm, so after the harvest has been sorted and screened for quality the fresh cherries are immediately sent to the mill. The cherries are washed in ceramic tile ditches and sent into the depulper, where the flesh of the fruit is separated from the bean. After being fed through the depulper, the parchment enters washing channels to remove any remaining mucilage. The coffee is then laid out on clay tile patios to dry for 7-10 days, depending on the moisture content and amount of sunlight each patio receives.  

Direct Trade

Owned by the 5th generation of the Ortiz Barriere family, Finca Las Mercedes is everything we look for in a Direct Trade partner—and we've worked with them since 2006. Currently led by our friend Lucia Ortiz, Las Mercedes has been one of the top quality coffee producers in El Salvador for years. We take great pride in working with exceptional coffee producers, and Las Mercedes is one of the farms that rises to the top of the list every year.

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