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Santiang Gayo Mountain Triple Pick

Cherry, Amaretto, White Pepper

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This silky and sweet wet-hulled coffee opens with aromas of plum, cinnamon, and amaretto. Rich cherry and chocolate mousse notes complement Concord grape acidity, with white pepper and cooling cedar in the finish.


Producer: Santiang Exports
Farm: 165 smallholders
Region: Gayo Highlands, Aceh
Altitude: 4,265-5,249 feet | 1,300-1,600 masl
Varietal: Ateng P88, Tim-tim
Process: Wet-Hulled
Roast: Medium
Notes: Cherry, Amaretto, White Pepper

The Story 

Santiang Exports works with small producers to help improve sorting, drying, and process control. They are meticulous about record-keeping and consistency.

This lot underwent an extra round of hand-sorting at the dry mill to minimize defects, help reduce earthy notes, and enhance cup clarity.

The Wet-Hulling Process

In this traditional Sumatran processing method the skin of the ripe coffee cherry is removed using modified wooden hand pulpers. The pulped cherry is then fermented overnight in plastic bags. The beans are then washed to remove the sticky mucilage, and the parchment is sun-dried until the moisture content reaches 30-40% and is suitable for hulling.

The hulled beans are then dried to 12-13% moisture content, at which point they are ready for sorting, grading, bagging, and export.

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