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Benti Nenka

Pear, Macadamia, Grape

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Aromas of pear, licorice, and red grape promise a sweet cup. When brewed, pear-like sweetness and a soft, buttery body are accompanied by a bright Granny Smith apple acidity. Lively green grape and nectarine notes resolve into a delightful allspice and macadamia finish.


Producer: Guduba Wet Mill
Farm: Various Smallholders
Region: Guji Zone
Altitude: 6,234-7,218 feet
Varietal: Heirloom 
Process: Washed 
Roast: Light-Medium
Notes: Pear, Macadamia, Grape

The Story

The Guduba Wet Mill was established in 2012 in the Hambela Wamena district of West Guji zone across the border from the Gedeb region of Yirgacheffe, an area renowned for its naturally-occurring landrace varietals. Owned and managed by Eyasu Worasa, the wet mill processes the harvests of nearly 600 smallholders in the vicinity, each of whom have just 1-2 hectares devoted to coffee production.

The extremely high elevation at which this coffee was produced contributes to its sweetness, as the cherries develop more slowly at altitude. Its unique flavor is also attributed to thousands of years of natural crossbreeding between heirloom varieties growing wild in the region. This lot consists mainly of landrace varietals Wolishu and Dega.

Once the cherries are delivered to the wet mill they are depulped, submerged in fresh water for a 72-hour fermentation, and then fully washed. We're impressed by Eyasu Worasa’s processing and hope you will enjoy this uniquely soft and sweet heirloom coffee.

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