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Harney & Sons Tea


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Harney & Sons offer a delicious range of the finest hand-picked, loose leaf teas wrapped in a beautiful silken sachets. Each bag is filled with whole leaf teas, measured and weighed for the perfect cup. The presentation is elegant and convenient. All of Harney & Sons sachets are Certified Kosher.

Wholesale Customers

Harney & Sons Tea Sachets come in cases of 6. You may mix and match teas within a case, but if you do not order in multiples of 6, we will have to charge single unit pricing for any teas that do not fit into a case. Single Unit Pricing is $5.95 per box, except for Dragon Pearl Jasmine ($8.95 per box) and Pomegranate Oolong ($6.80 per box).

[[Harney & Sons Tea Flavor Profiles]]

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