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Filtron Cold Brew System


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Cold brewing, popular among Dutch settlers in Java in the 19th century and experiencing a resurgence in popularity today, involves steeping coarsely ground coffee in cold, fresh water for up to 24 hours. When filtered, the liquid concentrate can be stored in the refrigerator for up to six weeks or frozen for longer periods. Just add water to taste for a delicious, smooth, low-acid cup of coffee. (It's ideal for people with sensitive stomachs.)

The Filtron is hands-off and easy to use, but the best part is the unparalleled cold brew. Perfect for iced coffee and blended coffee drinks.

What's Included

- Water Bowl
- Coffee Bowl
- 1.5 Liter Unbreakable Decanter with Lid
- Natural Rubber Plug
- Natural Felt Filter Pad
- Filter Pad Storage Container
- 2 Paper Liners
- Measuring Cup
- Grounds Guard
- Directions and Recipes

Replacement Parts (available separately)

- Felt Filters (pack of two)
Rubber Stoppers (pack of three)

- Filtron Paper Liners (36 ct.)

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